Friday, December 5, 2008

Now at The Artful Gift Shop

My soaps, linen sprays, and stain sticks are now being sold at The Artful Gift Shop in Vienna, Virginia. It's a delightful boutique full of handmade items by local artists and crafters. Swing by if you're in the area!

The Artful Gift Shop
145B Church St. NW
Vienna, VA 22180

Mon-Sat 11-5pm

Sundays 1-4pm (Nov-Dec)

Monday, October 13, 2008


I made this batch for my future sister-in-law. Her wedding is this weekend, and she asked for some soaps to include in gift baskets for her bridesmaids. So I used her wedding colors and theme as inspiration - yellow, electric blue, and the 80s! "It's so exhausting being fabulous" is what she wanted the labels to say. It's scented with a layer each of Blue Sugar, Plumeria, and Creamy Coconut.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Featured in The Storque

Storque Article - Etsy Finds: Stickin' It

My natural stain sticks (with Rosemary, Lemon Eucalyptus and Orange essential oils) were recently featured in The Storque. I sold out within a couple of hours! But never fear, more stain sticks are being made right now.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Island

My newest special edition soap - The Island. I'm listing it at 20% off today in honor of the LOST season finale tonight!

Life on the Island is rough - hunting boar in the jungle, being kidnapped by The Others, being chased by the Smoke Monster (what IS that thing?!), constantly flashing back to your former life, trying to decide being Jack and Sawyer... What's a Lostie to do? I'm sure they would have loved to have this soap handy. Green for the lush jungle, black swirls for the mysterious smoke, and an all natural essential oil scent blend with notes of tropical lemongrass, sweet lime, and fresh mint.